Wicker Pavilion
Annecy, France, year 2020

The Wicker Pavilion is designed combining contemporary architecture and traditional craftsmanship. It offers a place for relaxation and meditation in the heart of Jardins de l'Europe in Annecy, France. The pavilion blends in with the surrounding landscape and forms a shaded space for park visitors to shelter from the hot summer sun. Pavilion offers beautiful views to the surrounding nature, thus creating a communion between the sheltered space and the exterior. Filtered daylight through pavilion inspires eyes and mind to travel.

The pavilion is designed using timber grid shell structure technique and cowered with 262 traditional wicker baskets in a cone shape, weaved by Latvian craftsmen. The triangular mesh of the grid is assembled on the ground, then middle part is lifted at necessary height and then three corners are fixed to create final arched shape. Timber structure is made of pine tree planks.

The project is designed as a part of Annecy Paysages landscape architecture festival, which this summer is taking place already 3rd year. In year 2019 DJA participated in festival with UGUNS pavilion.

Architectural design: Didzis Jaunzems, Ksenia Sapega
Builders: IXI
Wicker work: Pinumu Pasaule
Photos: Ēriks Božis