UGUNS at Annecy Paysages
6. july, 2019

This weekend pavilion UGUNS had it's opening in French Alps as part of Annecy Paysages 2019 festival. Among 30 other landscape architecture and art projects UGUNS was built in Jardins de l'Europe.

Pavilion UGUNS is designed as a place for meditation and conversation. The character of the architecture refers to dynamics, fluidity and shading of fire. The wooden beam stacking is built by rotating each of the following elements at an angle of 2.5 degrees to the previous one, shaping 9 symbolic flames. The arrangement of the seats inside the pavilion is taken from the principle of the campfire, where sitting in a circle unifies people.

Original pavilion UGUNS was built in nature park Numernes valnis, Karsava, Latvia as a result of cooperation between municipalities of Rugaji, Balvi, Vilaka, Baltinava and Karsava - project „Good Nature in Northern Latgale, Discover Nature Explorer in Yourself”. Five art installations in five cities were made to bring attention of people to nature, to teach respect, understand and preserve it. Art installations were gift for Latvia in its centenary in 2018.

Architecture: Didzis Jaunzems
Builders: IXI