Nature Concert Hall in C3 magazine
14. may, 2018

Pavilion of Nature Concert Hall has been published in the latest C3 magazineEvolving Pavilions. Korean magazine C3 provides innovative and progressive ideas with regards for tradition and context by presenting quality works of landscape, urban design and architecture.

From follies into parks to event-hosting in the courtyards of prestigious buildings, pavilions offer a great opportunity for architects to reflect upon the notion of space, visitor experience, and the role of the architectural components in the overall project. This article explores the relationships between pavilions and their anchoring points to the ground. A selection of projects will be used to reflect on different strategies and patterns that seem to emerge from the most recent architectural production. From OMA in Melbourne to Marc Fornes in Astana, this selection will illustrate how the pavilion as typology is evolving, becoming increasingly more dynamic, flexible, and lighter, with plinths, bases, and platforms as key elements of this transition. The pavilion as a single and easily identifiable structure is gradually becoming something more sophisticated, where the spatialities between the elements (roof, walls, and base) acquire a growing importance. This exploration starts with projects that are characterised by a solid base and clear relation to the ground and concludes with paviljons that emerge as the result of the development of a dynamic and continuous forms. Written by Silvio Carta.