Nature Concert Hall 2017
Dviete and Burtnieki floodplains, year 2017

Pavilion / stage for Nature Concert Hall 2017 is designed as an art object that unifies architecture, music, science, video and light installation. Circular platform of 14m diameter is placed in 45 degree angle and works as a giant video projection screen, as a portal to the underground world and insights of the Earthworm – the research object of Nature Concert Hall 2017. Behind the portal are placed musicians in four floors and they can be seen to audience through three opening in the circular platform. The load bearing structure is designed both vertically and horizontally as structural grid of 2,5m X 2,5m X 2,5m, which is easy and quick to assemble and dismantle for pavilion re-use in different locations.

Nature Concert Hall is multimedia nature-educational event that incorporates science, dramaturgy, music and art. Its aim is to bring attention to surrounding nature, to tell about daily unnoticed and invite to be careful. Nature Concert Hall 2017 took place in Dviete floodplain and Burtnieki floodplain meadows, Latvia and its main character was Earthworm - Lumbricus Terrestris (latin).

Pavilion / stage : Didzis Jaunzems, Ervīns Gorelovs, Juta Davidovska
Structural engineering: Girts Berzins
Stage director and video artist: Roberts Rubins
Video artists: Maris Kalve, Viktors Keino
Light artist : Oskars Timbars
Builders: IXI
Photographer: Maris Lapins, Eriks Bozis