Vilkam tāda dvēselīt’
Daile Theater, Latvia, year 2018

Scenography for the musical performance of children's vocal ensembles “Vilkam tāda dvēselīt’” is designed as an illustrated world of wolves and people. Graphic line drawings as animated video projections on the moon and fog-beds, shape the space where wolves and people meet each other.

"Children's vocal ensembles from all over Latvia sing the story of two different worlds - people and wolves. It's a story about relationships, humanity and desire to hear yourself and others. It invites to feel, overcome, think and, through the life of a wolf, to better understand your own." / Sanita Sāne, Inga Cipe /

Artistic director, choreographer: Sanita Sējāne
Composers: Andris Sējāns, Reinis Sējāns
Stage director, scriptwriter, songwriter, choreographer: Inga Cipe
Scenographer: Didzis Jaunzems
Graphic illustration artist: Anna Martynenko
Light artist: Mārtiņš Feldmanis, Artūrs Dzirne
Video artist: Gatis Priednieks
Sound director: Einārs Cintiņš
Costume designer: Evita Staģīte (Zaza Couture)
Project leader: Laura Grinberga
Photographer: Māris Lapiņš