Ventspils Science Centre Exposition
Ventspils, Latvia, year 2020

The exposition of Ventspils Science Center is designed as a contemporary interior installation with its strong identity, which would attract visitors from Latvia and other countries of the world.

By creating free-standing exhibits and providing a separate access area for each exhibit, a uniform and fragmented space would be obtained. Instead, DJA offers to group the exhibits separately and group their access areas separately. This results in a compact layout of exhibits and more free space. The exhibits are also grouped according to their type of use (low table screens, high wall screens, free-standing objects, simulators, etc.), which opens opportunities to create both volumes of various integrated objects and various open public spaces - miniature laboratory city. Just as usual city has streets and squares, “lab city” has corridors and openings. A diverse and changing spatial experience for the visitor begins already upon entering the exhibition hall. The relatively closed corridor between the galleries of “Smart Technologies” and “Physics and Mathematics” leads to the vast galleries of “Geography and World” and “Man and Self-perception”. Then, bypassing the free-standing Simulators, the journey continues between the zigzag room of the “Sports Gallery”. Just as there are shortcuts in the city, it is also possible to reach various galleries along several short corridors (projection tunnel, laser maze, kaleidoscope tunnel).

The interior of the exhibition hall is designed to be contemporary, even futuristic, to be equally exciting both on the day of the opening of the Science Center and after decades, throughout its operation. Interior creates associations with the laboratory or spacecraft of the future and is an attractive environment to discover the magic of science for both children and adults. At the same time, a space created in unified style differs in each gallery with its spatial experience and volume shape. The color of the walls and the exhibit is mostly offered in black and white aesthetics to allow the light, and multimedia technologies to stand out. The main multimedia tones (blue, green, red, etc.) vary from gallery to gallery.

Exposition design:: DJA - Didzis Jaunzems, Ksenia Sapega, Helēna Bindemane
Multimedia technologies: SOLAVI
Curator: Antra Cilinska