Stars over Valka
Valga Train Station, Valga, Estonia, year 2017

Stars over Valka is historically and musically choreographic inspiration in six episodes in which the documentary, artistic and event series reveal Karlis Skalbe dreams of the Latvian state.
In historical Valka train station and its surroundings are placed five scenographic platforms, which are designed in accordance with their event function and location in the building or around it. Spectators are divided in groups and each group visits each performance space at certain time. First dance platform is shaped like a rectangle, on which ongoing performance spectators are watching from train stop. The second platform for choir chants shaped as a circle is located in the center of the main hall of the station and spectators around it. The third platform is square-shaped and bent at one of the walls of station historical restaurant, creating background for puppet lecture about the 1917 events in Valka. The fourth platform in the form of a triangle is placed the green zone of the station and visitors can get a meal there. Fifth platform is made in zigzag shape and it blend in bus parking behind the station. Here dance, instrumental music and choral chants are unified in the final concert. Scenographic platforms are covered with printouts of historical Valka newspaper – “Lidums”.

Scenography: Didzis Jaunzems, Ervins Gorelovs, Juta Davidovska
Photos: Maris Lapins