SPA building
Skrunda, Latvia, year 2009

Site, that historically has been Skrunda’s manor complex with historical manor, water mills, barns etc. has lost it’s historical character and function. Nowadays ruins of the manor with surrounding green areas is all that has been left there. Renovation of historical manor complex conceives to revive Skrunda manor, garden, park, water mill lake and water mill stream with additional new park, sport fields, playgrounds and picnic areas. Likewise reconstruction of existing car and pedestrian road structure is conceived. A hotel is going to be placed in historical manor.
Additional new building complex will consist of contemporary architecture that serves as a background highlighting historical manor. Since Spa building is placed near “entrance” of the city Skrunda with its expressive architecture will serve as an advertisement for whole manor complex. Spa will have it’s water relaxation centre on the ground floor, massage and fitness rooms on the first floor, and five additional hotel rooms on the mansard floor. Placement of water mill mechanism in building and stream through it will serve as reference to historical water mills that was here in the 19th century. Usage of traditional principles of local architecture – building materials, roof shape.

Author: Didzis Jaunzems
Elaborated: Architecture office Lauku Dzive