Eupilio secondary school - international architectural competition (1st prize)
Eupilio, Italy, year 2008

The project conceives to design a school for 200-230 pupils (up to 15 years old) where classical teaching standards interact with contemporary, innovative methods. School is designed according to passive house standard. Truly sustainable is school which is being used all the time. The composition of rooms is made so that also other citizens can use the building when pupils aren’t there, without a necessity to cross all school to get where it is needed. The composition of rooms in the building is placed in order from the loudest to the most quiet ones: in one corner there is a sport’s hall, in the opposite – a library. Primary and secondary school students have one common and two separate courtyards. Correct placement of rooms provides protection from overheating. Usage of traditional materials and building volumes of Eupilio (pitched roofs, buildings of small scale).

Authors: Didzis Jaunzems and Laura Laudere