Development of Heijplaat
Heijplaat, Roterdama, The Netherlands, year 2008

The harbor of Rotterdam following World tendencies is leaving city center and moving closer to the sea. Abandoned free areas are left for further development of Rotterdam. Former harbor island Heijplaat has been a multimodal transport point since its origins. The project offers to develop further the Heijplaat basing on sustainable mobility principles. Two extreme scenarios of mobility were analysed: maximum and minimum mobility. Basing on character of both scenarios transportation methods and potential target groups of inhabitants were predicted. Joining two extremes combined mobility scenario is created with its urban structure and architecture. Project also anticipates long-term and short-term development phases of the island.

Authors: Didzis Jaunzems, Alina Batischeva, Caroline Giezeman, Sun-Min Jun, Bogdan Mihai Matresu, Matti Pirttimäki