Scenogaphy for Cristina Luisa Avotina exhibition "The River of Dreams"
Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia, year 2015

The River of Dreams is a multimedia exhibition that revives paintings of Cristina Luisa Avotina and offers to step in the world of the artist. Director, scenographer, video and sound artists in collaboration with Avotina have interpreted senses (movement, sound, spatiality), which are encoded in painting scenes.

Exhibition scenography offers visitors to experience three different spatial perception scenarios of the paintings. When walking inside the projection screen maze you can feel as a part of the paintings, experience a real sense of presence and spatial depth of the exhibition. When observing exhibition from viewing platform all separated screens line up into three-dimensional collage combining a single 25 m wide painting. View from the back of the projection screens brings additional vertical depth for paintings and black mirrors create playful reflection on the floor plane. Mirror planes behind the screens are designed in triangular shape of projection beams. Flooring material change works as a barrier to prevent visitors from entering the projection beams.

Scenography: Didzis Jaunzems, Ervins Gorelovs
Author of the idea, project manager: Sandra Jonāne
Directed by: Roberts Rubins
Animator: Dzintars Krumins
Sound artist: Ugis Vitins
Project Manager: Alise Kolosova
Builders: Hanza Film Service
Photographer: Maris Lapins