Scenography for Riga Freeport 815
Daile Theater, Riga, Latvia, year 2015

Port is a symbol of power and development. Since the beginning of time people driven by curiosity and practical conditions have been striving after prosperity and new findings, there was a need for a place to regain strength and share resources.  Starting from a path over the river by raft and to the moment when horizon was not anymore a mythical obstacle, together with dreams, expectations, and scientific theorems the port also developed. Port is a place that joins water and earth, a place that continues to support new findings of humanity and furthers our development, a place that gives a shelter and peace when it is necessary.

Scenography for Riga Freeport 815th anniversary represents the symbolic meaning and power of the port. It is made according to principle of *diorama but in contemporary interpretation. The composition of the stage is centric to emphasize the main source of the event – man. Flowing spring that surrounds musicians in the centre of stage symbolizes sea/ocean, beginning and daring.  Geometric objects in the water symbolize obstacles in our path and at the same time values that we want to learn and share. In the reflection of the water and from the audience seats can be seen the circle of *diorama. It is the unifying element of scenography composition and indicates historical cyclicality. With video projections it shows development of Riga Freeport, unity of people and creates atmosphere of security and peace.

A work of art that combines composition of objects with an artistic background painting exposed in semi-circle. The painting image with special lighting creates an illusion of spaciousness and perspective. Used for illustration of documentary scenes or particular nature fragments.

Scenography: Didzis Jaunzems, Ervins Gorelovs
Video projections: Artis Dzerve
Lights: Harijs Zalitis
Photos: Maris Lapins