Parametric Glacier
Dome Cathedral garden, Riga, Latvia, year 2016

In today’s world we face artificial things much more often than natural. Daily life of our 21st century modern society has become “artificial”. Almost every element that makes our contemporary world contains evidence of human presence and willingness to adjust, adapt, subordinate and organize.

With the development of science and understanding of the laws of nature, man has learned the art of interpretation. For the purposes of “environmental improvement” it allows to recreate artificial objects that simulate processes in nature. Can art and artificial world fully replace natural? What can be considered “tabula rasa” origins and when does artificiality start? What will be next? 

To observe ourselves from the side and evaluate existing situation impact on human race project proposes to put side by side two considered opposites: naturalness and artificiality. Parametric Glacier pavilion focuses on the modern phenomenon of the man-made world, by combining two opposites and questioning if they can coexist?

Parametric Glacier pavilion conceptually contains two opposites: “ice” as naturalness, expression of primeval, sincerity and “parametric” as a symbol of human interpretation, algorithmic thinking and order.

Parametric glacier pavilion also reflects on fusion of contemporary art genres and border fading between different art disciplines. It is pavilion that unifies architecture, light, sound and science. Natural processes are recreated with computer-generated form, organic polymer materiality, interactive sound installation and artificial light.

Parametric Glacier pavilion: Didzis Jaunzems
Producers, sound installation: I Did It
Light installation: BANG!
Load bearing structure: RJK
Builders: Hansa Film Services, FAD
Idea from Iceland brought: Roberts Rubins
Photos: Uldis Lapins