Passive office building - international architectural competition (2nd prize)
Riga, Latvia, year 2009

The office building for ISOVER company is created according to passive house standard.
Its main functional and architectural element is a ramp that allows all people to move through the building and feel comfortable. Ramp, stairs and elevator give opportunity to select the most convenient way of vertical communication. Exhibition hall and presentation room are situated in the center of the ramp. Here ISOVER products are displayed and can be easily seen from streets. Rooms that are being used by all people are placed in the center of the building. Office rooms are placed towards the streets to ensure appropriate daylight in workplaces. The quality of bus stops near the office building is improved by partly covering them. Shutters which are filled with isolation material and are easily movable reduce heat outflow during the night. Double facade improves ventilation possibilities and sound isolation, as well as protects building from overheating. Materials used (stone, glass, plaster) are common in the surrounding architecture.

Authors: Didzis Jaunzems and Laura Laudere