Nature Concert Hall 2016
Zalenieki Manor, Latvia, year 2016

Stage for Nature Concert Hall 2016 is designed as an art installation made from 10 000 paper bats. Levitating cloud with gradient density over the musicians serves also as a screen for video projections and light installation. The volume of the cloud is referring to flocking bird and bat created dynamic geometries that can be found in nature. To achieve maximum lightness and levitation effect art installation is suspended in 3 paired electricity columns far away each from another.

Nature Concert Hall is multimedia nature-educational event that incorporates science, dramaturgy, music and art. Its aim is to bring attention to surrounding nature, to tell about daily unnoticed and invite to be careful. Nature Concert Hall 2016 took place at Luznava and Zalenieki manors, Latvia and its main character was Long-eared bat - Plecotus Auritus.

Scenography : Didzis Jaunzems
Directed by: Roberts Rubins
Video projections: Roberts Rubins, Maris Kalve, Viktors Keino
Lights: Oskars Timbars
Photos: Uldis Lapins