Wroclaw Opera, Poland, year 2018

Stage for Nabucco open-air opera is designed as an urban landscape with levels, platforms and stairs – a spatial continuation of Wroclaw Opera façade that has been transformed into symbolic temple of culture of Hebrews. Colorful image of stage gradually fades into grayness once Nabucco takes over the building and culminates in 2nd part of opera when Abigaile becomes political leader– the whole building is covered with grey curtain.
Giant two-face sculpture of 10m height is made by facial expression of Nabucco / Abigaile soloists - Krum Galabov / Anna Lichorowicz. Sculpture responds to ongoing events on the stage: rotates, cries, shines light through cracks and collapses at the end of the performance.
To bring 2100 people audience closer to the large open-air stage as well as to navigate between large chorus scenes and intimate scenes featuring soloists, a video projection screen with live cameras was integrated in stage. For the second part of opera grey façade covering curtain is used for video projections. Pre-recorded videos are illustrating untold stories of libretto.

Conductor: Marcin Nałęcz-Niesiołowski
Stage Director: Krystian Lada
Scenography: Didzis Jaunzems
Costume Designer: Natalia Kitamikado
Light Designer: Maarten Warmerdam
Choreographer: Kenzo Kusuda
Photographer: Eriks Bozis