Museum of ceramics
"Cepli", Dunte, Latvia, year 2010

The Museum of Ceramics is situated next to ceramics workshop “Cepli” of Ingrida Zagata. In the ground floor are going to be expositions of history and traditions of ceramics. In the first floor is going to be cafeteria where people can try out items of ceramics. Floor of the first floor is going to rotate around the axis of the building. It will rotate for 360 degrees in one hour providing people with stunning view to surrounding meadows. In the centre of the building are stairs that sculpturally transforms to a fire place in the first floor. Flames of the fire place will enrich building with play of light and shadows during the dark part of a day. Structure of the building will consist of laminated timber arches. Outside surface of the building will finished with ceramic plates created by ceramist Ingrida Zagata.

Author: Didzis Jaunzems