Luznava Manor park
Luznava, Latvia, year 2018

The existing structure of roads and paths in Luznava Manor Park does not ensure full usage of the park. Existing and potential places of sightseeing and activities are difficult to reach or not interconnected in a unified system. To make it easier for park visitors to navigate and get to the places of their choice, a new pedestrian trail is designed, which connects the existing places of interest and activities. Both the existing park paths and new connections are used to create the trail. During the project research process the identity and potentials of the existing park areas were defined. In order to expand the possibilities of using the park, existing zones are functionally improved and new zones are created in less used and undefined places. The newly created footpath completes the pedestrian circle. It forms a unified park system, combining the existing sights with the new ones and creating different destinations for park visitors.

Architecture: Didzis Jaunzems, Anete Zavadska, Karine Bagdasaryan, Juta Davidovska