Scenogaphy for Concert of Latvia 97th Birthday
Latvia National Theater, Riga, Latvia, year 2015

Scenography of Latvian Republic proclamation 97th anniversary is made as a set of significant symbols for Latvia, encoded in shape, light, video and music. 5000 small waved flags come together in common Latvian flag and symbolize power of nation through unity and togetherness. Latvian flag is encoded in scenography through area and color proportions – the height / width proportion of small flags is 1:2; common, musicians enclosing flag color proportion is 2:1:2; flag pennant height / width proportion is 5:17. The mass of scenographical elements is used as a screen to expose Latvian symbols through video and photo projections. Candles in the wall of presidents palace in November 11th, freedom fighters, Milda and characters of The Brothers' Cemetery – traditions and symbols that create Latvian people's feeling of belonging to the country. Latvian National Orchestra together with soloists in the celebration concert played classical music compositions of such Latvian icons as Janis Medins, Andrejs Jurjans, Jazepa Vītols and others.

Scenography: Didzis Jaunzems, Ervins Gorelovs
Video projections: Roberts Rubins
Lights: Oskars Paulins
Photos: Maris Lapins