Kerbedz: Following The Engineering Ideas
Luznava Manor, Latvia, year 2021

The exposition “Kerbedz: Following The Engineering Ideas” is inspired by Stanislav Kerbedz (1810–1899), a 19th-century civil engineer. Kerbedz was also the landowner of Luznava manor and his daughter built Luznava manor. The interactive exposition is located in three rooms of the manor's basement.

In the first room - Hall of Fame you can get acquainted with Kerbedz's professional career through the decades at the moments when he received awards. Each of the awards is designed as a stylized interactive object on the wall, which audiovisually tells story about the engineer's achievements. On the interactive screen in the center of the room you can travel around the map of Europe and get acquainted with the engineering projects of Kerbedz.

Kerbedz has also been a lecturer in engineering at the university, so the second room is designed as a classroom. Just like in an unusual lesson in physics or history, visitors can learn about the beginnings of building bridges, tunnels and railways, as well as the laws of physics that affect construction and the difficulties that engineers have had to overcome. In the classroom at the blackboard, anyone interested is also invited to test their knowledge in engineering, as well as skills in building bridges and other structures.

The third Hologram room is a place where you can see various objects related to Luznava manor and engineering structures in the 360-degree landscape. Here the visitor is addressed by Kerbedz himself in the image of the ghost of Luznava manor.

Idea and design: DJA – Didzis Jaunzems, Ksenia Sapega, Justīne Kate Hesse, Helēna Laura Bindemane, Juta Davidovska
Realization: SOLAVI – Ints Bērziņš, Juris Tautvaitis, Kārlis Mūrnieks
Multimedia: Roberts Rubīns
Photo: Ēriks Božis