Eupilio kinder garden
Eupilio, Italy, year 2007

Community of Eupilio is spread along the Pusiano lake and the area is lacking a good quality public space where locals could gather and meet each other. City is very optimistic about its location not very far away from Milan where Expo 2015 will be held. Eupilio expects that this great event will bring some investments also in its region and will allow to develop the public space of Eupilio.
Together with two other public space projects city is planning to build a kindergarten for 100 children next to the town hall and the secondary school. My kindergarten project proposes to expand city plans of public space by creating an open air concert stage, market and view platform next to the city hall. Different traffic and parking organization will separate pedestrian and vehicle flows.
The kindergarten is placed in a sloped meadow next to a forest that separates building from Pusiano lake. Because of the slope the kindergarten was made as a single storey building from town hall side and two storey building towards the forest. Division of the building into smaller volumes brings it closer to scale of Eupilio built environment. The idea of pitched roofs was taken from surrounding buildings.
All children also share a common yard at the back of the building. Ramp system provides direct access to the yard from group rooms. There is a covered space under every group room where children can store their toys and play in case of a bad weather. Big glass openings create a good connection between exterior and interior of the building.
Local building materials and construction principles were used for the kindergarten. The interior creates a link with nearby forest and colourful columns create light-minded atmosphere inside the common room.
In year 2008 a city council of Eupilio organized a public exhibition / discussion of new public spaces in city. The local community is looking forward for changes in the city and is ready to help to make them happen.

Authors: Didzis Jaunzems and Laura Laudere