Equestrian center
Near Riga, Latvia, year 2013

Project is a large scale building with massive functional program. It is looking for a way to create the highest quality riding facilities in Latvia with limited budget conditions.
The building program is broken to 4 functional groups and implemented in 4 particular buildings of standardized construction. The additional value and identity of the building is found in the things that are for free: light, landscape, and public empty space. The 4 buildings are distributed to get maximal sun exposure and view to the surrounding landscape. The 5th element that divides and at the same time joins 4 volumes is void between them. It is originally undefined public space that will bring additional social and economical value to the project. In the rounded enclosed square such activities as markets, concerts, weddings etc. can take place.
The building is merged with the landscape and becomes an integral part of it. Surrounding fields become a park and it’s various character is defined by the building in the centre of the site.

Authors: Architecture office DJA