Nature Concert Hall 2019
Skriveri and Ligatne, Latvia, year 2019

Stage for The Nature Concert Hall 2019 is designed as a metal structure surrounded by forest - a contrast between man-made and natural. It incorporates artificial waterfalls, making a reference to the life cycle of the Mayfly and creating the impression that dancers and musicians are surrounded by water. Scaffolding structure is designed to be easy and quick to assemble and disassemble for re-use of the stage in different locations.
Nature Concert Hall is multimedia nature-educational event that incorporates science, dramaturgy, music and art. Its aim is to bring attention to surrounding nature, to tell about daily unnoticed and invite to be careful. Nature Concert Hall 2019 took place in Skriveri and Ligatne, Latvia and its main character was Mayfly - Ephemera Vulgata (latin).

Stage architecture: Didzis Jaunzems, Laura Aleknaviciute
Stage director: Roberts Rub─źns
Light artist: Oskars Timbars
Builders: IXI
Photographer: Andris Soms, Marika Latsone