Containers of Senses
Riga, Latvia , year 2014

"Containers of Senses" is a visual art project that was started in summer 2013. In that time travelling interactive platform was inviting everyone to share thoughts about most unforgettable experience and senses of life that for some reason has stayed in ones memory up till now. In summer 2015 these collected senses will be recreated with the latest 3D technologies in visual art project "Containers of Senses".

The building “Containers of Senses” will consist of 9 halls. Each of them will offer a possibility to experience again the most unforgettable senses that were collected in interactive platform. Senses will be visualized with 3D audio and 3D video technique on variously placed screens depending of specifics of every sense: standard projection, floor projection, screen of 45 degrees, curved screen etc. The shape of the halls will be made according to the different angles of projections and projector distances from the screens in every hall, creating compact and expressive building volume. The movement of people will be organized in a circle and in approximately 30 minute journey people will experience various senses from different thematic halls: Childhood, Nature, Dream, Sport, Metro and Song Festival.

Architecture: Didzis Jaunzems, Klinta Pickaine, Aļona Purvlīce
Curator: Jura Podnieka Studija
Directors: Roberts Rubīns, Didzis Eglītis
Main operator: Valdis Celmiņš
Producer: Antra Cilinska
Project leaders: Elizabete Palasiosa, Marta Kontina
Sound director: Anrijs Krenbergs