Black Star
Riga, Latvia, year 2021

The light sculpture Black Star is in essence a contrast. Stars are usually associated with light and brightness, while black color with darkness. In the bright daylight, when the sun is shining and there is hustle and bustle all around, the Black Star is calm, it is hiding. On the other hand, in the night, when nature and people go to peace, it comes to life and begins to shine and sound. Just like the stars in the sky.

Concept and design: DJA - Didzis Jaunzems, Ksenia Sapega, Helēna Laura Bindemane
Producer: STORY HUB - Marta Kontiņa, Elizabete Palasiosa
Light art: Viktors Keino
Assembling: IXI Art
Structural engineering: Veldrums & Partners
Metal structure: Metalprojekts
Light installation: Gaisma 8
Photo: Artis Veigurs