Scenography for Concert „The Bird With The Silk Tale”
Dome Cathedral garden, Riga, Latvia, year 2013

Concert „The Bird With The Silk Tale” is a new understanding of contemporary scenography. It is breaking the limits between artists and audience. Scenography is not anymore seen as a stage decoration but rather as a tool to give much deeper feeling of the context.
The concert is dedicated to the famous Latvian writer Ojārs Vācietis. His poetry is used for lyrics and songs of 9 vocal ensembles performing in the concert. 7 movable scenography walls are creating a feeling of different atmospheres of Pārdaugava, place where writer has spent his life. When all 7 walls are closed, blurred images of typical small scale streets and wood architecture are projected. The spatial enclosure of walls gives further, deeper feeling of the site context to audience. During the concert walls are gradually opened and more spacious views of the Pārdaugava are projected – Arkādijas park, Āgenskalna market square etc. The gradual openness and closeness also goes hand in hand with overall artistic scenario of the concert. The centrally located stage gives a better view to 600 people audience and a feeling of being an integral part of performance.

Scenography: Didzis Jaunzems
Video: Roberts Rubins
Lights: Martins Feldmanis