Unity Square
Valmiera, Latvia, year 2016

Unity square is designed as a gathering place in Valmiera where people can meet in different occasions – either national festive celebrations or simply spending time in everyday life. Four wide aisles lead to the square and information points at the entrance zones are telling the story about four historical regions of Latvia. A gathering area in the center of the square is designed using traditional Latvian sign patterns in pavement. Patterns were developed collaborating closely with the artist Valdis Celms. The art installation – Tree of Generations – is placed on the platform of the central zone. The trunks symbolize four historical regions that join together as a one united whole. This art installation does not have only artistical meaning, it fills also several functions – the roof creates the shelter for various activities and also it is designed as the lighting element to illuminate the square during the dark period of the day. The trees on the perimeter of the square are large with high-rised leaf crowns, therefore evergreen trees around the area are proposed to protect the area from the transport noise and to become the unifying element of the inner area of the square.

Authors: Didzis Jaunzems, Ervīns Gorelovs, Valentīna Čeplika, Juta Davidovska, Ieva Pēdāja