The Rake's Progress
Latvian National Opera, Riga, Latvia, year 2018

Scenography of the opera is designed as a symbolic emptiness of its main character, Tom Rakewell. It is in a process of continuous development through all three acts of the performance, along with Tom. Every further step towards the filling up of the void and the satisfaction of the illusion of happiness demands more - more complete the black hole becomes, more it absorbs and sucks in itself. Scenography is not associated with certain time. Through the abstraction of image and space, things that have always been relevant in human life are discussed.

Music Director and Conductor: Janis Liepins
Conductor: Kaspars Adamsons
Stage Director: Margo Zalite
Scenography: Didzis Jaunzems, Ervins Gorelovs, Juta Davidovska
Costume Designer: Yashi
Light Designer: Oskars Paulins
Video Designer: -8
Photographers: Ansis Starks, Agnese Zeltina, Arturs Martinovs