Apartment building in Mednieku street 7
Riga, Latvia, year 2016

Building is designed as a dense plot infill, reaching maximum area in high intensity zone of Riga historic center. Spatially building consists of five visually different volumes, which together form a single, outstanding image of the building and at the same time visually reduce the scale of the building. For each of the volumes is used different finishing, which correspond to surrounding context of buildings materiality - brick, fiber cement sheets, copper sheets and wooden planks.

Street facade volume of the building is designed by replacing demolished building and next to reconstruction building, in accordance with the perimeter building regulations. In the depth of land plot, next to the border is possible to make a new volume since there is already existing storage building. The volume which connects both above mentioned volumes is design considering regulations of minimum width of the courtyard, by stepping back 4,3 m from the western border of the land plot and 8.6 m from the eastern. The building fits within 45 ° roof regulation of street space. A part of the building volume is made by stepping back from land borders, as well as the volume in the depth of the land plot is designed lower, reducing the building fireproof walls to the adjacent courtyards.

Building has 19 apartments with 8 apartment types that differ in the number of bedrooms and square meters. Each of the types has a different proportion of terraces and balconies, creating both economical and exclusive apartments and meeting different customer needs and preferences. Private roof terraces are situated on the south side of the building, which provide optimal sunlight. Balconies are placed at the east side of the building towards courtyard. Building also has one common roof terrace for all inhabitants of the building.

Window size and shape is designed depending of the cardinal points. Their arrangement is designed according to the surrounding environmental context and distance from the land border and adjacent buildings.

On the east side towards the courtyard is created a large glazing for optimal sunlight. Street facade window shape is adapted to the adjacent building window rhythm and proportions. Glazing on terraces is made spacious, creating a feeling of spaciousness in the apartment. By contrast, the western facade of the building, which is located closer to the land frontier, has small glazing that gives light to hallways and stairwells.

The building has underground parking for 8 cars. Operational and supply transport can use the courtyard, where is extra places for 2 cars. On the west side of the plot under the building volume, based on the columns is designed entrance to the courtyard and underground parking. Part of the building is raised on columns, emphasizing the entrance to the building and providing a functional link with the courtyard. The building has 2 elevators and stairwells, which avoid long corridors and provides a convenient and rapid link to apartments. Street facade of the first floor level has commercial space with extensive glazing.

Authors: Didzis Jaunzems and Maris Bardins