Legend of the Iron Knight
Riga Motor Museum, Riga, Latvia, year 2018

Exposition Legend of the Iron Knight is dedicated to the Latvian pre-war army armored car Imanta. It is based on 30 original spare parts from the vehicle that were found only recently. 3D holographic projections, make it possible to recreate the armored car model in four different periods of time. The exposition also offers to have a look at four periods of time from the opposite side - from the view point of Imanta. Four cylindrical, 360-degree turnable stylized Imanta towers with recreated events of particular historical events are positioned at the corners of the exposition. Interactive objects displayed along the exposition perimeter allow for visitors to find out information also about other armored vehicles of pre-war Latvia and the world.

Currently Imanta is the only one of ten historical armored cars of Latvian pre- war army whose remains have been found. The rest are completely destroyed in battles. The Army vehicle was built on a Sheffield-Simplex limousine base, it experienced two peace and two war periods, was crushed and again renewed.

Exposition designers: Didzis Jaunzems, Ksenia Sapega
Multimedia artist: Roberts Rubīns
Creative director: Kaspars Eglītis
Historian: Jānis Šiliņš
Producers: Story Hub
Builders: IXI
Photos: Ēriks Božis