Riga, Latvia, year 2018

Art object LV100 is the largest sculptural hands in Latvia. The fingers symbolically show the abbreviation of Latvia "LV” and the object is dedicated to centenary of Latvia. Three-dimensional scanning technology was used to create computer model of Latvian boxer Mairis Briedis hands. The virtual model was scaled up 20 times, divided in layers with milling machine, sanded, and then sculptor added vibrancy by cutting and grinding it. To ensure the longevity of the object, it is coated with a plastic layer in a grayish color. When creating the object, much attention was paid not only to the proportions, shape and the fixed position of the hands, but also to details, in order to accurately show the hands that have brought a success and world fame to Latvian athlete.

Design: Didzis Jaunzems, Sofie Eichler, Juta Davidovska
Builders: IXI
Photographer: Agnese Zeltina