Vermane Garden, Riga, Latvia, year 2018

The Kaleidoscope is designed as an art installation, a pavilion. Mirror elements reflect surrounding Vermanes Garden and pavilion visitors. Pyramidal mirror polygons shape multifaceted patterns of images, light and color, that change each time looking at the pavilion from a different angle, together with different people or at different times of the day. An interactive sound installation in the center of the pavilion is also based on a similar principle. The Kaleidoscope interprets visitor's words by converting them into metallic sounds according to the voice and speech volume of each person. In the daytime pavilion reflects the sun's rays, but at night it is lit by the installation of a moving artificial light.
The Kaleidoscope is designed as a part of light festival Staro Rīga.

Design: Didzis Jaunzems
Producers: Elziabete Palasiosa, Marta Kontiņa
Light installation: RJK
Sound installation: Ervings Znotiņš
Builders: IXI
Photographer: Uldis Lapiņš