Balvi, Latvia, year 2018

Art installation AIR is designed as a symbolic tree that responds to the movement of the air and makes wind music. The leafage is made of 324 wind chimes of different lengths hanging at the crown of the tree. Air motion generates sounds of varying heights, the tonality of which depends on the length of the chimes and which together create symphony of air. Sounds are caused by metal discs (strikers), which are swayed by wind catchers depending on wind speed. The air catchers are shaped as coats of arms from various cities of Northern Latgale, and inclined for better wind capture. AIR is the largest wind chime ensemble in the World.
Art installation AIR has been created as a result of cooperation between municipalities of Rugaji, Balvi, Vilaka, Baltinava and Karsava - project „Good Nature in Northern Latgale, Discover Nature Explorer in Yourself”. Five art installations in five cities are made to bring attention of people to nature, to teach respect, understand and preserve it. Art installations are gift for Latvia in its 100th birthday in 2018.

Art installation: Didzis Jaunzems, Juta Davidovska
Structural engineering: Girts Berzins
Builders: IXI
Photographer: Eriks Bozis