Nature Concert Hall in VISION magazine
18. july, 2016

Pavilion of Nature Concert Hall 2014 has been published in VISION magazine. VISION is a leading art and fashion magazine showcaseing the international visual art, fashion and culture to Chinese readers, With its unique visual expression.
VISION cannot be interpreted as a traditional magazine, because it is so visually exuberant and sensational that only sedated value will be filtered after in readers' mind. What is the spirit of fashion? What is lifestyle with international taste? What is the individuality among the trendy flock? What is the true beauty people look for? VISION never offers definite answers, but provoking these questions is what we always wish to do.
VISION has seen tremendous development of the Chinese creative industry since 2002, exerting great influence on the new talents in fashion, art and design in China.
On top of a circulation of 265,000 per month, VISION actively appears in various public events, giving support to the growing industry in China of visual culture, while more importantly, inspiring a memtality a mentality toward a creative lifestyle to the Chinsese readers.