DJA in Latvijas Architektūra
8. may, 2022

The new Latvian Architecture magazine issue about DJA and Didzis Jaunzems.

"DJA objects are architectural sprints - many, various and fast. They mark a very wide field, which is unusual for architects - marathon runners, showing that nowadays the art of spatial design and good design is also in high demand for short-term events, small objects, and there are many such objects. The architect's spatial thinking and technical knowledge are able to put modern technologies into truly unforgettable spatial adventures, bringing the necessary moods to the right scale and intensity, once again making sure that architect education is universal and interdisciplinarity is a modern approach to everything like speed, mobility, dynamism and inclusion in flow, intuitive reliance on the process. Doing the things he likes, Didzis Jaunzems shows that the soil for growth can be everywhere, all you have to do is plant,” notes Baiba Vērpe, the guest editor of the magazine.

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